Brazil Butt Lift Reviews

Brazil Butt Lift Reviews: Truth About Brazil Butt Lift

Leandro Carvalho‘s Brazil Butt Lift is the hottest fitness workout DVD on the market.  As usual women, like me, appear to be the target audience.  For those in search of the ever elusive “bikini body” some say the seemingly never-ending journey has ended with Leandro Carvalho’s Brazil Butt Lift exercise program.  As a woman, I am interested in finding the end-all-be-all workout I went on Mr. Carvalho’s website so I could come up with my own Brazil Butt Lift Review.

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I was shocked to find on his website so many women featured in before and after pictures revealing a remarkable physical change in just 60 days of daily adherence to the Brazil Butt Lift fitness routine.  In addition to multiple testimonials from everyday women with figures of all shapes and sizes this workout also has the endorsement of supermodels whose profession depends upon their physical appearance.

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The Brazil Butt Lift appears to have increased the overall fitness of participants.  The buttocks of the women appear to be tauter and have less of the ever loathsome cellulite we all despise.  In each set of before and after pictures the women’s entire bodies look smaller in width and more toned in composition.  In addition the women evince a greater level of esteem for their physical bodies and exude an increased self-esteem in general.  Finally, women appear to enjoy doing the exercise in the Brazil Butt Lift, which is key in sticking with it on a consistent basis.

Click here shocking for before and after pictures.

As for myself I have an entire section of my DVD collection dedicated to the achievement of fitness.  This does not include the numerous obsolete VHS videos that are collecting dust for want of a working VHS player not to mention my interest and motivation.  Add to that a shelf full of books on everything from triathlons to Pilates.  Yes, I am one of the many women who have searched for a way to beautify my body and ensure my current and future good health through the latest “get fit quick” in my limited time schedule workout programs.  With each new video I would dedicate myself for a while until either the demands of daily life or lack of sufficient motivation derailed me.

Since I have been down this road so many times before, I want to have some reassurance that if I jump on the Brazil Butt Lift bandwagon I am going to have results. That is why I, like you, started looking for Brazil Butt Lift reviews before I bought anything. It is difficult to justify spending more money on yet another workout that does not work for me.  So, I ask myself will the Brazil Butt Lift be different? Will I stick with it and will I get the results I want or get my money back?  Well, Leandro Carvalho must have had women like me in mind when he offered his wonderful Brazil Butt Lift guarantee.

According to his guarantee “If you’re not satisfied with your results within 60 days, simply call Customer Service for a Return Authorization number to return the program for a full refund of the purchase price, less s&h—no questions asked.”  This is not all. The guarantee allows participants who return the program to keep “60-Day Supermodel SlimDown Plan, Strength Band, and Bum Bum Rapido workout”.  Based on my Brazil Butt Lift Review the Brazil Butt Lift workout delivers on its promise to fast results with no risk. I would highly recommend giving Brazil Butt Lifta try

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Brazil Butt Lift Exercises

Brazil Butt Lift Exercises: Exercise Sitting Down?

If you have not heard of Leandro Carvalho’s Brazil Butt Lift exercises you have probably missed out on a stunning new fitness program that has changed the lives of many women.  I myself am new to the Brazil Butt Lift exercises, only having heard about it recently.  Nevertheless, my interest was piqued when I learned of how successful it has been with women.

Beachbody, the producer of Brazil Butt Lift DVDs and a popular supplier of fitness videos I have purchased from myself, has heralded the results of the Brazil Butt Lift exercises with the lofty assertion, “Get your best body ever with Leandro’s workout secret”.  Supermodels and celebrities alike laud this workout.  A popular supermodel Alessandra Ambrosio is an outspoken supporter of the Brazil Butt Lift Workout.  Ms. Ambrosio says, “Leandro is just the best trainer for my butt—and for my abs, and for everything else—but especially my butt! He came up with this whole workout just for my butt. He is the best.”

Click here to see Alessandra Ambrosio before and after pictures.

This enthusiastic endorsement almost had me swayed save for the fact that Ms. Ambrosio already looked pretty fabulous without lifting a finger or a foot.  To say that near perfection looks perfect does not say enough to get me to purchase anything since I myself am hardly perfect nor is perfection a realistic goal.  More to the point for me I want to look better and I want to know why the Brazil Butt Lift exercises in particular are going to make me look any better than the dozens of other exercises I have tried in the past.

Hence, I looked at the Brazil Butt Lift exercises on Leandro Carvalho’s website as I encourage you to do yourself.  There is also very useful information on the Beachbody website,

What I found was truly interesting to me.  As for myself I have at times done countless other exercises to firm and lift my butt with nary a perceptible change so I wanted to know what the Brazil Butt Lift exercises do that those torturous hours of leg lifts alone did not do for me.  Well I found that the secret lies in the fact that the Brazil Butt Lift exercises do not just target the muscle of the buttocks as if there is only one muscle in the area.

The Brazil Butt Lift exercises are broken down in terms of the specific muscle groups in the buttocks.  You might be thinking, there are different groups of muscles in my butt, no, really?  Yes, really.

Unlike many workouts the Brazil Butt Lift exercises target the three primary muscle groups in the buttocks.  The Beachbody website has an excellent explanation of the unique Brazil Butt Lift exercise approach, “TriAngle Training method …works the three major muscles of the buttocks: the gluteaus maximus, medius, and minimus, working them from countless angles to lift, firm, and shape the perfect behind without adding bulk to the thighs”.  I can see where the Brazil Butt Lift Exercises are different and is worth a try.

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Brazil Butt Lift Before and After

Brazil Butt Lift Before and After: A Picture Perfect Butt?

Brazil Butt Lift created by Leandro Carvalho is the latest in the ever growing compendium of fitness regimens. the Brazil butt lift before and after pictures testify that his system works.   Everyone seems to be a twitter about the Brazil Butt Lift.  There have been numerous press articles raving about the amazing changes people have achieved participating in the Brazil Butt Lift workout.  These articles have run in various different well-known magazines such as Health, People, Seventeen, Vogue, Fit Pregnancy, Elle, and New York magazine to name a few.  Everyone from Supermodels to regular, everyday women are flocking to the Brazil Butt Lift.

Not being above jumping on a fitness trend myself I want to know more about the Brazil Butt Lift.  Between my innate curiosity for knowledge and the desire to be fitter, I pursued more information on the Brazil Butt Lift.  For me a key part of my personal research is results, in this case the before and after changes.  Supermodels who look even more super after the Brazil Butt Lift workout are not the before and after pictures I am looking for.  Do not get me wrong it is always inspiring to hear about what workout supermodels use to stay fit.  Whenever I see a supermodel or other celebrity endorsed fitness program like all of us I get that momentary flicker of hope, ah maybe my body can look that good if I did that workout too.  Though I would not mind looking super, at my age I am only shooting for better.

What I really want to know is will the Brazil Butt Lift produce a substantial change in the body of a real life women like me who is genetically blessed with a similar non-supermodel body.  Well there are plenty of great before and after depictions of the positive changes in the bodies of many ordinary women like me.

If you are searching for a workout that gives great before and after results I encourage you to not only read this article but also to check out the Brazil Butt Lift before and after pictures on Leandro Carvalho’s website.

Click here to view Brazil Butt Lift before and after pictures.

As for myself I was not disappointed by what I saw on the Brazil Butt Lift before and after results on the website.  Within only 60 days of regular exercise on the Brazil Butt Lift program multiple women achieved the goal of every woman who enlists in a workout regimen, they weight and their bodies appeared firmer.  Not only did women lose weight but also inches and I do not mean just a few inches either as evidenced by one woman’s story, “…In 60 days, I lost 12.5 lbs and 26 inches…!”  With inches come dress sizes which always attracts my attention as in the case of another Brazil Butt Lift success story, “…For seven years I was having trouble losing the 25… My friends are all amazed at my transformation (size 10 to a 4) …” If noticeable results are what you are looking for, the Brazil Butt Lift before and after changes are enough to give this work out a try.

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Brazil Butt Lift Results

Brazil Butt Lift Results: Results with Brazil Butt Lift

Results are the standard to which I evaluate any workout and it appears the Brazil Butt Lift results set the standard high.  Do not confuse the Brazil Butt Lift results with a Brazilian Butt Lift.  The Brazil Butt Lift is a workout and a Brazilian Butt Lift refers to a surgical procedure.  Both focus on the same result, a more youthful, perky, firm buttocks.  However, the Brazil Butt Lift results are completely natural, cost a pittance compared to plastic surgery, and the Brazil Butt Lift does not pose the physical risks associated with a surgical procedure.

Most of us prefer the natural solution of exercise over other pathways to a firmer more sculpted figure.  A healthier body is the other added benefit of Brazil Butt Lift results over plastic surgery.  Women who regularly participated in the Brazil Butt Lift workout program not only reported a better looking body, but also more energy.  This is certainly not a claim surgery can make.

At 42 I can tell you perky is not one of the characteristics anyone would attribute to my buttocks.   My four year old often comments on my less than flat belly and asks, “Is there another baby in there.”  I often think in my hectic schedule trying to check off at least half of the tasks on my extensive “to do” list, the dream of a swimsuit toned body is but a fantasy.  Nevertheless, plenty of women like me are experiencing the fulfillment of their lifelong fitness goals by consistently participating in the Brazil Butt Lift workout program.

The creator of the Brazil Butt Lift, Leandro Carvalho, states that “anybody can change their body.  If you do the Brazil Butt Lift you can get the body of your dreams”.  This sounds great to me but I have heard similar claims before and I am not about to get my hopes up.  Since I am a bit of the proof is in the pudding kind of a person I like to see and hear from people who have tried the Brazil Butt Lift not just listen to the hype.  I did not have to look far before I found multiple testimonials regarding the positive physical changes that have occurred as a result of doing the Brazil Butt Lift.  These testimonials include, “In 60-days my butt was higher, tighter, rounder, firmer”, “My cellulite is almost completely gone”, and “I’ve never done anything that has given me that result in 60 days”.  With testimonials of the Brazil Butt Lift like this I can see my dreams of a fit body might not be a fantasy after all.

Click here to read real testimonials from real women like you.

Physical changes are not the only positive result of the Brazil Butt Lift.  There appear to be psychological and emotional benefits to the Brazil Butt Lift as well including an increase in self-confidence.   Almost every testimonial about the physical benefits of the Brazil Butt Lift also included increased confidence and an improved sense of well-being, “I feel healthier, I feel sexier and more confident”.  All in all, the Brazil Butt Lift results reveal a successful fitness program to enhance ones figure and ones life.

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Brazil Butt Lift Schedule

Brazil Butt Lift Schedule: A Workable Workout?

Like every workout program, I have tried, there is usually a prescribed routine and the Brazil Butt Lift is no exception.  However, what is exceptional is how exerciser-friendly the Brazil Butt Lift schedule is.

The common sense and ease of use of the Brazil Butt Lift schedule really sets it apart.  Some of the numerous exercise routines I have tried in the past have been complex and difficult to figure out.  These workouts have required me to stop multiple times to figure out how to do the exercise and what exercise I should be doing.  I end up either not getting all of the exercises done in the time I have or just not being able to see the actual benefit of the exercise because of all of the stoppages in motion.  Do you know what I mean? This does not appear to be the case in the Brazil Butt Lift schedule.

Click here to see the complete workout schedule.

The Brazil Butt Lift schedule seems simple, easy to use and sensible.  Each day the schedule lists the exercise routine for the day and requires about one hour.  For some of us an hour might be a bit too much time.  I often have only 20 to 30 minutes for exercise.  Then again, I can see where the results outweigh the extra time.

Though the focus of the Brazil Butt Lift is on the buttock don’t be fooled.  The Brazil Butt Lift schedule provides a complete and balanced program.  The entire body gets worked, hence, participants end up with more than a firmer derriere.  One thing that I love is the Brazil Butt Lift schedule includes cardiovascular exercise every other day.

Another interesting feature to the ever popular and successful Brazil Butt Lift workout is the flexibility it offers.  The Brazil Butt Lift schedule can be adjusted to every different body type.  As it says on the website, “We’re not the same, we don’t have the same rear ends, so it would make no sense for us to all do the same workout.”  Revolutionary!

Click here to customize the Brazil Butt Lift schedule for your body type.

The Brazil Butt Lift schedule works on the premise that, “being able to determine which order to perform each workout and customize the workouts to your particular body type is essential to being able to get the best results for your body.”  I was really excited when I read this.  This is actually a new concept to me.  I have long adjusted which exercises I do depending on which area of the body I wanted to tone and strengthen.  This seemed to me to be a common sense practice.  What surprised me was to actually change the way I exercise a specific body area depending on my body type.  In the Brazil Butt Lift schedule for each figure issue there is suggested exercise.

Finally, the Brazil Butt Lift schedule provides a variety of exercises.  There is nothing that can crush exercise enthusiasm more than boredom.  An exercise program that is boring is destined to be another dusty DVD or book on the shelf.  In contrast, the Brazil Butt Lift schedule varies the exercises throughout the week.  It also adds a day off every Sunday.  I have always found a day off to be essential to avoid burnout as well as to give my body a chance to recover and strengthen.

If you are looking for a great exercise program that not only gives you a great looking butt but also tones your entire body give Brazil Butt Lift schedule a try. I think you’ll love it too

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