Brazil Butt Lift Schedule

Brazil Butt Lift Schedule: A Workable Workout?

Like every workout program, I have tried, there is usually a prescribed routine and the Brazil Butt Lift is no exception.  However, what is exceptional is how exerciser-friendly the Brazil Butt Lift schedule is.

The common sense and ease of use of the Brazil Butt Lift schedule really sets it apart.  Some of the numerous exercise routines I have tried in the past have been complex and difficult to figure out.  These workouts have required me to stop multiple times to figure out how to do the exercise and what exercise I should be doing.  I end up either not getting all of the exercises done in the time I have or just not being able to see the actual benefit of the exercise because of all of the stoppages in motion.  Do you know what I mean? This does not appear to be the case in the Brazil Butt Lift schedule.

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The Brazil Butt Lift schedule seems simple, easy to use and sensible.  Each day the schedule lists the exercise routine for the day and requires about one hour.  For some of us an hour might be a bit too much time.  I often have only 20 to 30 minutes for exercise.  Then again, I can see where the results outweigh the extra time.

Though the focus of the Brazil Butt Lift is on the buttock don’t be fooled.  The Brazil Butt Lift schedule provides a complete and balanced program.  The entire body gets worked, hence, participants end up with more than a firmer derriere.  One thing that I love is the Brazil Butt Lift schedule includes cardiovascular exercise every other day.

Another interesting feature to the ever popular and successful Brazil Butt Lift workout is the flexibility it offers.  The Brazil Butt Lift schedule can be adjusted to every different body type.  As it says on the website, “We’re not the same, we don’t have the same rear ends, so it would make no sense for us to all do the same workout.”  Revolutionary!

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The Brazil Butt Lift schedule works on the premise that, “being able to determine which order to perform each workout and customize the workouts to your particular body type is essential to being able to get the best results for your body.”  I was really excited when I read this.  This is actually a new concept to me.  I have long adjusted which exercises I do depending on which area of the body I wanted to tone and strengthen.  This seemed to me to be a common sense practice.  What surprised me was to actually change the way I exercise a specific body area depending on my body type.  In the Brazil Butt Lift schedule for each figure issue there is suggested exercise.

Finally, the Brazil Butt Lift schedule provides a variety of exercises.  There is nothing that can crush exercise enthusiasm more than boredom.  An exercise program that is boring is destined to be another dusty DVD or book on the shelf.  In contrast, the Brazil Butt Lift schedule varies the exercises throughout the week.  It also adds a day off every Sunday.  I have always found a day off to be essential to avoid burnout as well as to give my body a chance to recover and strengthen.

If you are looking for a great exercise program that not only gives you a great looking butt but also tones your entire body give Brazil Butt Lift schedule a try. I think you’ll love it too

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